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I’m late to the game but here are my thoughts. I don’t understand it, I’ll never understand it, and I don’t want to understand it. Trevor Lacy had a chance to be a part of something huge next year. We were set up for him to be the leader of a team that had all the pieces to contend for a championship. His stock could have rocketed. Has he not seen what happens when you come out too early, don’t get drafted, and languish trying to find a spot somewhere? Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them. It reminds me of an employee who left me by text one day with no notice. When I questioned him, he says “I’ve got to do what’s best for ME.” ME ME ME. I said doing things the right way is what is best for you and you are not doing the right thing.

I thought we had a TEAM. Come to find out, it’s just all about me me me. I know it’s about the bucks, but think about the guys who stayed, past and present, who got to experience being part of a championship. I don’t think they would trade it for anything. Same feelings for Washington for me. Sure, he had a lot of competition. If he stayed and got better, he would play plenty and be part of a great TEAM. Now he gets to sit for a year, and start all over. No commitment, no responsibility to earn your time, just ME ME ME. I used to not care about the NBA, now I just abhor it. I wouldn’t spend 5 seconds of my time watching it on TV or in person.

I am sure I will get just as excited next fall watching the guys who do play and pulling for them. We may still be pretty doggone good. But I just want to cry when I think about what has happened to college ball. Everyone for them self, jockeying for the pros, and no devotion to TEAM. They don’t know what they are missing.