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So tell me again about how no one was leaving? You were very critical of my assessment that transfers were almost a guarantee. What say ye now?

1. I say that you really haven’t changed your posting style much.

2. You weren’t posting about players “leaving”, you were posting about players transferring. So Lacey going pro early doesn’t support the viewpoint you were representing in our previous exchange on this subject.

3. You misrepresented the facts at that time, saying that Gott was averaging 2 transfers/year. I pointed out that you misrepresented the facts. I pointed out that after the initial flurry that I attributed to the coaching change, Gott had averaged 1 transfer per year, not 2. Lo and behold, we see that 1 player will transfer out this offseason. So, as of right now, to the extent that one of us was “wrong” in the exchange, it was you.

Probably not the answers you were looking for.

What praytell did I misrepresent? I said he had 6 transfers in three years which averaged 2 transfers a year. That is a fact. If you want to make up time frames to support your argument have at it. I took his entire NCSU career and looked at it. I would say if anyone is misrepresenting anything it is the one who is making up time frames to support their argument.

But I digress. This started because I said having a zero recruit class is a bad thing and one of the reasons is because we lose players. I did not even contemplate a player would be so ready to get out he would declare for a draft in whcih he would not be drafted. Add in the transfer and we have seven players. Would you like to arrgue that having only seven scholarship players is a good thing?