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Let’s play a fun game. Add in the players who have left knowing they would not be drafted in the first round
Raymond, de Thaey, Painter, Harris, Purvis, Lewis, Washington all transfers That would be an average of 1 3/4 per year.
Brown, Leslie and now Lacey left with no guaranteed NBA contract. We are losing an average of 2 1/2 players annually (who have no hope of being drafted in the first round) before their eligibility is up.

And that is why you never want a recruiting class of 0.
That is why a “lack of experience” is never an accaptable excuse. You have to win now with the players you have because you are going to lose them.
That is why “not playing together” is not a valid excuse. The team is not going to stay together for long periods of time so you must develop chemistry quickly.