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I think there was maybe 12,000 or so. hard to say because people were coming in and leaving at different times. If I was counting by UNC standards, we had a little over 50,000.

Tough to take anything from the game. Like I said earlier, a lot of guys were out, and I didn’t even recognize the names of half the guys lining up at WR. A few observations tho:
– Samuels is going to be major impact player. That guy was everywhere;
– Gallaspy is an absolute terror. I have no idea how the other freshmen RBs will do, but he will be hard to keep off the field;
– Street looked bigger and really, really good;
– Roseboro had some nice plays and absolutely blew up a running play 8 yards into the backfield;
– Brissett was very rusty;
– McClendon looks like he could be good. Was a little unsure at times, but he has a big tall frame and a rocket for an arm. Just didn’t have much in the way of receivers to throw to;
– Punting looked fine, kicking tho was a bit of a soft spot;
– the pre-game beer and brats were outstanding.