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Agree about Grayson Allen. The next Duke white guy that everyone hates. He had a lot of good plays in the championship game. The one I remember most, though, was the whiplash phantom foul. Is that the new flop?

Speaking of 2016 Basketball Outlook, in this article about officials saying they didn’t see the ball-off-the-finger angle, when they actually did, there’s also this little nugget that some people will probably be glad to see if it happens:

Gavitt said the NCAA plans on naming a replacement for Adams within the next two weeks.

Gavitt would also like to see more nationalization of officials during the regular season, not just in the NCAA tournament.

“My hope is that with the change of leadership we will look at a more centralized group of officials,” Gavitt said. “There are now fewer numbers of coordinators at the conference level with agreements between conferences. The officials are independent coordinators. But we’re hoping that we can come together on this. It would take all the parties to come together.”