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He said the NBA was facving the same problems and they cleaned it up by having the refs call the game correctly.

It’s easier to fix officiating in the NBA than in college basketball, due to smaller number of refs and single hierarchy.

I think it makes sense to align many of the rules with the NBA. Why not make the 3PT line the same? (add 3 feet) It’s not like the college guys can’t hit it, they will adjust. There may be a temporary dip in shooting percentage, but it won’t last.

Agree with moving the 3 point line out, which should create more driving and offensive flow and creativity.

Shorten the shot clock. Going all the way to 24 with one leap might be too much, but dropping it down to 30 would be an improvement. Most possessions, more opportunities to score.

I would support this, although the counter to this is that shorter possessions could just as easily result in even more forced bad shots at the end of the clock.

In today’s game, teams often waste the first 20 seconds of every possession without actually threatening the defense. If you drop 5 seconds off the shot clock, it just means they will now waste the first 15 seconds instead of the first 20 seconds. It still will often come down to running offense in the final 15 seconds of the clock, which would be unaffected by this change.

Still, more possessions would likely be an overall improvement.

Widen the lane to 16 feet (+4 feet) and the restricted area (+1 foot). I think that can only help the game, it will make driving the basket more common.

Agree with this. Better flow, more opportunities for creativity.

And here’s a nutty idea, add a 4 point shot. Anything beyond half court is worth 4 points.

Definitely do not support this.