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I really think that there should be a banner headline about Ricky Ticky. We have lusted over him and had countless dreams about him coming to Raleigh. Now that he is “on the market”, we seem to cast him aside like yesterday’s news.

How can we be so cruel to a person that probably has occupied (on the BB discussions) a significant amount of our discourse.

It is interesting, the “Usual Suspects” are already supposedly “circling” over the remains of each program. We have the Capel bird spotted in AZ and the Marshall Balloon soaring high above watching everything….and the Smart drone doing double barrel rolls as it collects data from each site. However, the Mama Smart Bird has her fingers securely on the controls of that drone and the AD’s should be interviewing HER rather than HIM…..

Ask DY about how Shaka’s COMMITTMENT worked out….

Did I leave out DePaul and AL and ??????. Really need a dedicated APP for the rumors and the openings.

Will Ricky Ticky be a “Has BEEN” at age 60. JimB in CUSE land says he is like the Worlds Fair….Bigger and Better every year.

Alas RTB, we knew you well and wanted you more….but alas and alack, we seem to be satisfied with our present occupants of the Case Center….BUT, if someone DAST lure away one of the second level flock, you MIGHT just get a phone call…