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I knew it was over when Cat got shoved to the ground down 5 and Rozier got the and 1 at the other end. The game was too physical for us to win

THIS x 1000

That’s definitely why Cat stopped driving the lane. 3 times he drove in the first half and ended up going down hard after an errant shot.

The most telling possession for me was when Anya (extremely tough guy down low) was gangbanged by 3 defenders, couldn’t even go up with a shot, ends up turning the ball over that ends up a 3 point play on the other end(looked on the floor foul to me)

I’ll qualify this with admitting to be the most critical of those who blame the refs for a loss so don’t take it that way. I felt like the team hung in pretty tough in a hard fought game, and Gott made some good personnel adjustments to keep the game close. Ultimately I feel like a couple no-calls and lucky shots falling down for Lou late made the difference.

Would have expected to see a little more comments on the refs but maybe I just saw it wrong.

Earlier in the year, especially after some WTF losses that I definitely thought were solely on the team and Gott were highlighted as the refs robbing the pack. Honestly, and thanks to the elevated play in Cat, I think the staff and players did fairly well down the stretch of the season and you could see situations where the team was on the other end of some calls that I’d chick up to “creating luck for yourself”.