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You are kind. I know I was rough on the little guy and I was going to tone it down. And yes, there are usually two sets of rules. If the stars break a few rules, they are generally forgiven. For a walk-on to have that level of breach is unusual. Coach did the right thing though for team chemistry. And Staats hasn’t made any more critical mistakes. Our lucky kid learned and coach’s faith has been rewarded.

Basketball teams should never be halfway houses (state’s program is not). We have seen what a couple of wandering apples can do to a team.

Ummm, yeah 4 mins can change the outcome of the game. Too long. I was thinking 1 min or maybe 4 times up and down the court. If the game is tight ok but if they pull ahead, we need to sub.

Congrats to Staat for graduating and being a beloved team member and contributor to the success of the team.