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Regarding the 8/9 seed – this the worst place to be. Would much rather be a 10/11 or somehow find a way to stretch to 6/7.

8/9 means round 1 playing the other 8/9 in an evenly matched game, with a 1 waiting in the balance. Granted, it looks like Dook and UVA are sitting nicrely for 1’s and we have beaten Dook and gave UVA all they wanted, I still would rather not face them in round 2.

10 means playing a 7, and chances are not a lot of difference in the teams. Win the 10/7 game and you have a 2. Even better is the 11/6 – still fairly evenly matched round 1 and a 3 waiting if you win. 8/9 is usually a death trap seed.