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I think we would have to win out, up to and maybe wining the ACC title game to get a 5 seed….not sure where that comes from.

If we won the ACC Tournament after winning out we would be 23 or 24 and 11. I’m still not sure that scenario, which is several galaxies beyond wildly optimistic, would get us a Top 20 RPI. Unless we make the ACC Finals, we may well be at our high water mark in the RPI.

I’ll repeat what I said in the “offensive” thread, we now have an opportunity to close the deal. The boys in Vegas won’t have a point spread on any of these games wider than 4-5 points and we should be the underdog in Littlejohn by a point or two.

This is a tough stretch with the only home game coming against a Syracuse team that is playing it’s best ball right now and will be putting guys out on the court who KNOW they are playing in their final college game.