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Welp, I don’t see us beating the Blues in Dean’s dome. Gott’s never come within 10 points of winning there, I expect more of the same.

So that leaves BC, Clemson and Cuse.

BC has lost 8 in a row coming into Pitt (to make it 9) and then they get us. Like Va Tech, a game we cannot lose if we want to present ourselves as NCAAT worthy. I don’t think they can beat us, but we can definitely fool around and let them win.

Clemson scares me – mostly since they beat us in Raleigh. They’ve beaten Cuse, Pitt and us for their best wins. We’ll get them in SC right after they beat Ga Tech. This will be the toughest game of these last three, I think. We’re gong to need some luck with this one. Not feeling good about it at all.

‘Cuse’s best win was against Louisville, they’ve got the toughest part of their schedule leading into us. At ND, at Duke, UVA at home, and then here in Raleigh. They look about the same as us, they’ve got 17 wins, we’ve got 16. I’d say definitely winnable, especially since we are home.

So I think we win two, and need to win two in the ACCT. And that is going to be very difficult.