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Yeah, don’t get sold on Oregon just yet. They have exactly two top 50 wins after yesterday, and one of those may not be top 50 at season’s end – UCLA is #47. Their schedule was ‘meh’, and they close with three consecutive road games to close the season before the Pac-12 tournament. Dammit Utah, you could have made this all a moot point yesterday … but nooooo.

Agree on Stanford – there’s really nothing there. Best wins are Texas and Wofford, and Texas may not even make the tournament the way they’re collapsing. Stanford also has three 125+ losses. Stanford has looked mediocre at best when I’ve seen them.

Honestly, if the Pac-12 gets more than three teams everyone should be screaming bloody outrage. Three even is a stretch. Gotta hope that it’s Arizona and Utah in the Pac-12 tournament finals so there’s no bid stealing going on.