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Thanks for your work on these and for getting them up every week (phrasing!).

Or maybe Iā€™m just insane.

We’re State fans. Take solace in the fact that you’re not alone.

As for the entry, if it wasn’t clear before it should be now: strength of schedule matters. A lot. It may be the most important metric (subjective or otherwise) that they take into consideration. I think Duke would be a 1-seed today and I’d be fine with it. Their schedule is insane, and no team matches wins at two other prospective 1-seeds. If they stumble down the stretch or lose before the ACC tourney final then that might change, but right now I’d probably have the as the #2 overall seed due to winning @ Wiscy + @ UVa and UVa being w/out Anderson + Perrantes.

Another thing about SOS being so important: State’s in the Top 5 :). For this reason, I’m more inclined to see things as the Dance Card sees them – with State more or less “safely” in at the moment.

Re: Palm – I’ve found him to be less than reliable when it comes to Bracketology. In my opinion, he relies on perception and bias a bit much and he’s sometimes off by more than one seed line. Tough call on the Cheats though, so I certainly don’t fault him for that seeding. I can’t get with Notre Dame being on the 3-line though – but it’s going to be interesting to see what line they do wind up on.

Re: KW – PackPride

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

On Kyle Washington [DNP-CD]:
I think right now we are going a little bit more with Lennard, Malik and BeeJay but we also played a team tonight that played four guards and defensively it was a hard matchup. Really, we went with the four guards in the second half and Bee Jay was a presence. BeeJay was blocking shots, altering shots and so it was more a matter of just nothing intended towards [Washington].
You have got to be ready to play. North Carolina is a much different game Tuesday night. They play two bigs all the time. We need to probably match up with that more, so sometimes the game just unfolds that way.

On Washington’s psyche after not playing:
I worry about everybody’s psyche. Kyle understands, I talked to him about it after the game. Sometimes it is just the way the game kind of happens. I wasn’t going to put him in there with a couple of minutes to go. I told he and Cody[Martin, also a DNP-CD] both that. I wasn’t going to do that.
They’ll stay ready. They’ve got to say ready. Understand right now, different matchups, different game. We need all of them ready to be ready to play. Hopefully, he will be mentally fine.