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Good solid game by the Pack. Lots of good things in this game. The only negative thing for me to say (which can be said all year) is Turner/BSW is one of the worst defensive players period. Obviously he brings a big plus on offense when he is “on fire” but dang his defense is weak.

Anyway, I may be in the minority here with this thought but I hope we see DEZ get more minutes against UNC. I think between DEZ and CAT we could really pressure Paige on defense.

Don’t know what’s up with KW and Cody Martin not playing. Either way Send Dez in to stick on Paige like glue and hack him when needed.

I agree Tokoto (known as Turkey-Toe at our house) is the wildcard. He can be difficult to stop when he is on his game. His play can be similar to Lacey at times.

Anyway, great game and effort against VT. If we use our bigs more we are MUCH stronger.