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I expect we will make the tournament. And I don’t see us firing Gott if he makes 4 straight tournaments, especially given he has shown that he can bring in quality talent. Ask Georgia Tech fans if they would rather have a head coach who can land talent but isn’t a great coach (Hewitt) or a head coach who is a great coach but can’t land talent (Gregory). I suspect they all prefer the former.

Gott is the best coach we have had since Valvano. Valvano coached his last game at State in 1990… nearly 25 years ago. State has hired 4 head coaches since then: Robinson, Sendek, Lowe, Gott. In at least the last 3 of those searches, the fan base thought we would land a top coach. But no top coaches have been interested enough to take the job in decades… Valvano wasn’t a top coach when he was hired. A top coach isn’t walking through that door.

We have tried the up and coming young coach. That was Sendek, and we all know how badly that worked out.

I am as frustrated as anyone that our team isn’t doing better this season. But IMO our fans need to be careful what they wish for.