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Go wolves – I stated during the 12 game losing streak that I was worried he may have been over his head. (Key item being “may” – its a key word folks who like to twist things around ignore or intentionally miss) I also said that when I saw him interviewed I was impressed.
However, I never called for his head – I reserved judgement the way any rational person would. I don’t call for a coach to be fired unless there is ample evidence the ship can’t be righted…and I always thought unless he totally screwed the pooch, he should be given at least 4 years.

I went all in after south Florida and was then disgusted by what I saw vs. Clemson and BC. I am optimistic again. But I look at coaches like I look at stock – you are a “buy”, “sell” or “hold”. Right now, dd is clearly a “buy” – gott is “hold”.

Funny though – some of dd’s supporters said one or both of his coordinators should have been fired while at the same time making the circular argument that dd still couldn’t be fairly assessed because the team was so young and didn’t have enough talent.

Its a message board and we all get proven wrong. I base my positions on what I see and the past. Dd didnt have track record of a gott or tob or a Paul Johnson. And to add a twist to a famous saying “no one ever went broke underestimating the mediocrity of wolfpack sports (since 1994).