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Sorry, Im a day or 2 late in replying to CD’s astute observations regarding the teams chemistry. I guess I am just confused how any of them could be jealous or upset about anything but their own play? All of them have had ample opportunity to be “THE” man and ALL of them have come up short in more ways than one. The Martins, even when they get open, cant finish (at the rim or jumpshots). Turner has been ice cold, and if his shots arent falling he is just an enormous black hole with foul trouble written all over him. And Lacey, unfortunately feels the weight of all this and its starting to affect him. I get that they all feel entitled, don’t understand team concept, etc. But at some point you’ve got to have a come to Jesus moment and realize you aren’t as good as you thought you were.

The most unfortunate part is that what this team really needs is an effective PG. One who can get you into your sets, breaks down the D with his dribble, and can hit FT’s in clutch time. Cat, much to all our chagrin (especially Gotts), just has not been very good. I really like Cat and honestly feel bad for the kid. That being said, this is Gotts bed. He shacked up with Cat and let Tyler walk (for better or worse with the daddy issues). Now we are left holding a 2-7 off suit and it doesn’t look good boys.