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Mikey announced today the dismissal of Sulaiamon…

…Yes he did…

Breaking “team rules” in his third year… easily may be symptomatic of more fundamental issues…

It sounds to me like Mr. Dog’s “little green goblin” , who clearly enjoyed the Football season in Chapel Hill, moved on over to Cameron for the first half of basketball season. Having done all he could do there, he and his unquenchable thirst for drama headed down 147/40 to Wade Avenue last week looking for more vulnerable prey …

Back to Coach Rat… Anybody else wonder why he waited until after 1K && ND to pull the string ?

More importantly, anybody else wonder if some other local players might give pause and consider Mr. 5-Stars outcome when expectations finally met reality face to face?

Then I’m also sure some of the lunatic fringe would hand Mr. 5-Stars a scholarship tonight… Head Cases are no problem at NCState… and this one is just what we need … 10-15pts plus 5 rebounds a game from two positions and our ‘new’ best on-ball defender… just what the doctor ordered….

yeah… right….

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