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You know you don’t have much when the ‘ole Coach K/Beamer argument follows.

It is now year four, all his guys, and we are seeing the same issues over and over, year after year, without correction or explanation. Same coach speak. He doesn’t have the answers. For a moment after Duke I thought it’d be different this year. It won’t. Same stuff different year.

Anybody that thinks Archie isn’t going to be twice the coach that Gott is, is a fool.

I am now resigned to the fact that we’ll be having this same exact discussion two or three years from now, except there will be no hopes for an Archie Miller, as he will have already been plucked and is making BIG money somewhere else. And we’ll be talking about when (or how) to get rid of Gott and what re-tread might possibly have an interest in coming our way.