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Marshall ain’t gonna work for Debbie. That ship has sailed.
MG may be an ass and a shyster, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be a good coach. However, we have to hope last night was an anomaly. We will see on Saturday. GT is awful. I bet they play their best perimeter defense of the season. Teams are starting to figure us out. Foul and hand-check our perimeter guys. Refs aren’t calling anything and our guys can’t get any good looks.
My biggest complaint and question is “WHERE WAS KYLE WASHINGTON?” He is our only big that is an offensive threat, plays good D, and hustles. I saw him on the bench even encouraging our guys when they got down by 9-10 and it was slipping away again. Cat has got to start driving and looking to pass first. If he gets a shot, shoot it. If not, pass to Abu or Washington or Martin.
Something is amiss with Lacey and Turner. The Martin twins are MUCH MORE athletic than Lacey and Turner. They need to be on the court. If Turner ain’t hitting shots, he needs to be benched right away.
We need to win 6 of our last 9.