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I made a similar post on the most recent SFN article. the timing of our fouls… we have to be the only team that constantly gets the ‘benefit’ of the non shooting foul when we have an unobstructed lane to the basket for a guaranteed layup. Add to that the time like other posters mentioned. We can never really play tough D because the slightest of fouls are called, meanwhile our opponents get to play aggressive.

I don’t think anything can be done but its a frustrating thing to watch and I remember saying long ago if I was a kid, why would I not want the shot in the arm of always getting the benefit of the doubt from the zebras. Hell Tyler Hansborough became an all american by hitting free throws. Most of his misses never counted against him because a whistle was blown, then he picks up 8-10 pts a game at line.

sigh… same story different day

for those who haven’t noticed. Just keep an eye on what gets whistled for us versus against and when they call fouls on the other team its not during one of their runs, and often times we would have been better off without the whistle