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Alpha Wolf

I generally try to stay off of NC State boards following a close loss, because the negativity is more pessimistic than a financial analyst’s assessment of the Greek economy.

Anthony “Cat” Barber: purrrthetic

Right, the only guy that could defend Darien Grant was pathetic. Mmmkay.

The way I see it, a young team made young team mistakes at just the wrong time. That can be coached out of them. But…this is a team that plays pretty good defense most of the time. This is a team that has not collapsed after losing perhaps the best NC State player since Julius Hodge at the end of last year. And this is a team that no one is eager to face, save for perhaps Kentucky (which is an NBA team playing college basketball.)

Yeah, I am disappointed. No, I was not surprised. But hell yeah, I think that these guys have a bright future.