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Some really interesting views this year and I admit, I’ve been out of touch with things on the site. So, going another direction and seeking opinions (which I know I’ll get…lol),

Cat was beat up some last year for being out of control, his speed is obviously an asset and liability ….. and then it seems this year he is trying to temper his aggressiveness which makes him look as if he doesn’t know what to do ….. except a lot of dribbling. Gott puts Lacy running the point and Lacy’s offense seems to suffer. I know that Cat has his issues but aren’t we better offensively as a team with Cat at Point? Lacy had 5 TO’s Sunday. And it appears that Cat is much better defensively than Lacy or Turner so I don’t understand? He broke all of AI’s records so he can obviously score, is it a head issue?

As earlier mentioned, why is it that KW sits so much, ex: ND second half? His point production, hustle and rebounding (sometimes) have really been an
added lift. Don’t get it?

Playing time is going to be difficult for everyone. Is Gott attempting to play all the young guys more to avoid transfers?

Also, not going to throw stones at the coaches, the head coach can’t keep up with everything, so why aren’t the assistants helping with the substitutions in cases like the final couple of minutes in the ND game, Ex: defense for offense and vise/versa? OR are they and thats the problem?
A couple were unemployed when Gott brought them in.