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I think you meant… So, Where should I start..
1)This is the first year Lacy has been on the court. Practicing in the system can’t provide the same experience as game action. Furthermore, I think he has it figure out – note that he is 6th leading scorer in the ACC.
2) 4th year Jr – refer to bullet point #1. 5th year Sr. – 2nd year player for the Pack. Sophomore McDonald’s AA who is struggling and did NOT start yesterday.
3)Preseason rankings mean absolutely nothing. They are simply a reflection of how the previous year ended. Nobody expected that team to live up to the hype. CJ Leslie never capitalized on his talent and Lorenzo Brown got injured. We are much more balanced and don’t have the prima donna egos holding us back.
4)Recruiting is fine. We have a 8 or 9 scholarship players returning next year.
5)Not sure how things are trending the wrong direction…. We have the same amount of wins (within 1 game) this year as we’ve had in the previous years. Considering that this is by far the most difficult schedule that we have played, I think we are in decent shape.