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I, too, know a lot of Liberty grads… and I know zero who (a) have an open mind about any topic, or (b) have a single non-white friend or acquaintance.

It’s been a while since I posted, just got tired of some of the junk I was seeing posted but this one drew my ire and I have to reply.

First, that is one of the most racist things I’ve heard in a VERY long time. I know several Liberty grads and not a one of them is any level of racist that I know of. Could they be harboring tendencies, yep, it’s hard to know the true heart of any man. But all are upstanding members of their communities. One is the Fire Chief of a major metro area and I know for a fact he is not.

Second, I have five thousand dollars that says you can’t prove what you said. Lay down your money and prove it. And btw, “a lot” to me means you know at least 10, and EVERYONE of them would have to fit the paradigm you described. I know more than that, and not one of them fits what you said. More than that, there are multitudes of people who do not or may not “have an open mind” by YOUR definition or may not have any non-white friends. Neither of those things makes someone a racist. I would venture another five thousand dollar bet that you would consider anyone who has conservative views to be not open minded. Let me remind you that in and of itself makes YOU not open minded by refusing to allow someone to have views that differ from yours.

Third, to me this is race baiting plain and simple and should not be tolerated. It would be like me saying I know “a lot” of NCCU grads, which I do, and …

Just sayin’

Smarter than the average bear