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Is it wrong that I am watching more of Barca/Real Madrid than TX/K State?

Wrong? Probably not. Does it smack of an unpatriotic, blasphemous, and even collectivist leaning?
I’m fairly certain that it does. However, I’m still trying to erase my mental image of a biting ass.

Da, I paint mental images out of love for the Collective, comrade.

Don’t worry, I will watch all 15 hours of NFL marathon action tomorrow (DET/ATL from London shown live on Fox at 9:30am, huzzah).

OK, since Everton (my EPL side, they are the European soccer version of NC State – Liverpool is U*NC, Manchester Utd is Duke) plays at 9:30 I will also have that streaming on my laptop.

I’m always irritated when there’s no watchable SEC game (or fixture, as the Brits would say) in the noon window. Boo. And I can’t watch the Holes, they make me too mad.