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^^That Wetzel piece has some gems …

“That doesn’t mean a school that’s made the devil’s deal of admitting them should give up on them, not attempt to educate on some levels, not try to push them to be better.

Carolina shouldn’t brazenly, blatantly and systematically run an assembly line of eligibility.”

“These aren’t the actions of a rogue employee or a tutor overstepping the line between helping and doing. This isn’t one or two people. These aren’t coaches and administrators conveniently not asking or wondering why an at-risk kid suddenly got straight A’s, all so they could play even dumber than usual (well, daggum it, Roy).”

“Other schools do it? Blame the dumb kids? Regular students eventually heard about the scam and took the classes, too? The TV announcers always said we did it “the right way”? Dean Smith is a cool dude? M.J. went there? We have sweet blue uniforms?”

“Multi-sport postseason bans? Fines? Scholarship reductions? Death penalty? It all should be on the table.”

Scorched Earth. I love it.