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Greywolf is dead on, any reply to the contrary should be immediately deleted. I wish I could be optimistic about our recruiting efforts. Time to move on, it was embarrassing but eventually everyone will forget about us sharting in our pants Saturday.

I have a serious question about the highlighted phrase (and all its colorful/explicit variations). And this is not just for the quoted author, but in general those who use the phrase. What does it mean? Maybe that’s why I don’t like/use it – I just don’t understand the proper usage…?

From a metaphoric standpoint, the phrase connotes disaster, of an unexpected nature. Is that close to the intent? The reason I ask is that many people use “sh*tting the bed” or “dumpster fire” or “tire fire” to describe virtually any loss, no matter the circumstances. To “sh*t the bed”, don’t you have to seriously, seriously under-deliver to expectations? So here’s the kicker: if I’m right, what exactly were the expectations going into Saturday’s game?.

I will say that I hoped for a better game. I hoped we would score a couple of touchdowns, but I thought 14-17 points would be our limit, and that things would have to go very, very right to get there. I hoped the game would be closer based on limiting some of Clemson’s scoring opportunities. I hoped many things, but I didn’t expect any of them.

And, for the record, Greywolf IS dead on. My only real complaint from the entire game is the inexcusable (at least to my understanding) clock management at the end of the half.