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Grey….I must have struck a nerve with my generality. Here is what he said…

I thought it was a bit inappropriate (MY OPINION) to make the fans comment after his FIRST game at CF. Having said that, I am on the WEST side….for a LOT of reasons. I have also sat for 2 – 4 hours in the front row of the East Side of CF waiting for a concert to start in the late afternoon summer sun. Even when it cools down, the heat sink factor of the concrete STILL radiates heat.

I also, if you follow my rants, have NEVER, EVER said one other disparaging thing about Coach D.

SO, YES, I think that I am a loyal NCSU fan….as will my checkbook and credit cards. In addition, RED is my wardrobe. Even the license plate on my wife’s new RED Caddy is NCSU personalized and I have two S-plates and another Personalized WOLF vanity plate.

I think we agree….as to the in and out policy….why bother. I watched a young lady that was very well endowed stuff 6 mini bottles into her bra (3 on each side) at a neighboring tail gate on Saturday. He BF (hubby? whatever), reached over and pulled up the neckline of her top and looked down and in and said….you got room for more….we will bring MORE next time.

As to Coach D’s comments, it seemed a little bit paradoxical at the Military Appreciation Game, which was right after the opener, that the PA Announcer told the fans to STAY IN THEIR SEATS during halftime. SOME folks DO have to go potty if they consume a lot of liquid (with no or high alcohol content) and they must leave. SO, to specifically encourage staying in the stands at half and then expecting a full seated crowd for the second half kick-off seemed to be a bit opposite. I DID make that comment to the Administration….and it was noted with a polite response….