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If I need to get up a State Sunday Rally event, there still may be time. Some would call it a Sordid Sunday, but their voices are few and getting weaker.

I was there, save 30 seconds of so when my DW & Daughter texted to break tradition and LEAVE W/O singing the Alma Mater as they wanted my GS and me to meet them for a later dinner.

One of the folks in our section seems to have good “Sunday morning coaching instincts” and called a BUNCH of the plays before they materialized and also pointed out the deficiencies in both State and FSU. SO, I was watching as well as listening to his comments.

Bottom line….we came out and “hit them first” as my old HS FB coach used to say. We had FUN….right up until mid second quarter. I had also listened to a bit of the pre-game and the comments were that Winston would be off somewhat until the second half. NOW, he could have been 100% on the first snap…but odds were…he would take a little time to get back his rhythm. as the “off field” stuff was in his head and he had not seen competition in two weeks and only got a half in then…and it was NOT real….just the powder puff variety.

SO, we shocked FSU….and they responded…and we kept coming back. Finally, they woke up. Now, I do NOT really think that Swoff intervened… Generally, there seemed to the STATE fans that FSU got the Ref Advantage (which is usually reserved for the Home Crowd). So, we were maybe half a man short.

I was proud of the Pack. Now, did I moan a little when we made some obvious mistakes? YES. But you have got to compliment the team. Generally, with the talent that they have and the experience, they gave it their all and played several notches BETTER than most of the professional “opinionators” prognostications.

Second, I was pleased with the Bench Calls or our strategy. OK, not all of it worked. Was that because we WERE playing the number ONE team in the nation? They SURE did not look that most of the first half. Was it because THEY did not take us seriously? If so, then RanttheChantNation’s BB should be calling for Jimbo’s head. Who KNOWS, but it was NOT a TOB game…

I also listened to Coach D’s Presser. Every time I hear him there, I am more impressed. He does NOT shy away from making comments about certain matters…and he give credit to what we did right and where we need to improve.

This man WILL win us many more games….and will be sought after for higher paying/status jobs.

It was a great game and a thrilling experience. The CF Crowd was as loud and also as interactive as I can remember…and that goes back a LONG, LONG way.

Kudo’s to the Team, the Coaches/Staff AND to the Fans. We got a much deserved ATTABOY from Coach D on that one…and this is from the man that chewed us out for NOT being in our seats for the 2nd half last year.