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Redskins is not offensive. To anyone. Nobody cares about this except liberals that like to get their panties in a wad in their self-righteousness. They like to make an issue out of nothing, so they can irritate the you-know-what out of everyone.

I don’t even like the Redskins (grew up a Cowboys fan, now a Panthers convert). But I hope they keep their mascot because of all the history around it. It wasn’t about lynchings. It wasn’t about racial slurs. It is a football team mascot. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. And because it will irritate the liberals who are needlessly making a big deal out of nothing.

When one hears the term “Redskins,” they don’t think indians. They think FOOTBALL TEAM. If we’re all perfectly honest about it.

This is just a stupid matter. And I haven’t even weighed in on the government forcing this change. Essentially, that is what is happening. They know canceling the trademark will result in lost revenue for the REDSKINS organization, and likely lead to a mascot change. The government is trying to force something on the people that is unwanted and unnecessary (which is nothing new, since the same can be said for the Affordable Care Act).

This is just a political move. And a distraction from the other REALLY important things they are doing to us.

Agreed…just don’t call me a Tar Heel! Those are fighting words!

Just think, we could start calling the teams:

1. The LA “Draft” Dodgers
2. The Green Bay “Fudge” Packers
3. The Carolina “Pink” Panthers
4. The Dallas Cowboys from Brokeback Mountain

It gets ridiculous and stupid after while..This whole thing is nothing but a diversion to keep our minds off of the important stuff!

"Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!