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Dude, it was like “night and day” for me after I returned from the Army. My first two years in Aerospace were a disaster…I was not prepared because I never had to “hit a lick” in high school to get grades, therefore I didn’t have a clue about how to study and manage time. 4 years in the Army during the 66-70 time frame straightened my butt out and I was fortunate enough to have qualified to go through the Defense Language Institute for about a year in linguistic training, I figured out the “studying and time management issue”…Let’s see “do I study or do I want to live with rats, mortar attacks, the jungle, and the like”?

I did it after the Army, then worked for 3 years, then back to get my MBA which was also a good experience.

As for the jokes, when I left State after the spring semester of 65, we had one girl’s dorm that housed about 25 students…Came back in 70 and there were girls all over the place. I know the shock on my face must have been obvious the night that I took a coed back to her dorm after a date in my apartment and she said “do you want to come up to my room for a while”? Times had certainly changed!!

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