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I like the upgrade terminology in this discussion as opposed to an outright firing because the coach stinks. I think this is a better way to frame what many people (myself included) are trying to convey. Has he reached his ceiling, we’ll see. Gott may only have been here for 3 years, but his coaching style and abilities can be tracked back to all of his years at Alabama. Most of us are not simply commenting on the 3 years – with some very big highs (Sweet 16 in first year, handling of CJ/Calvin in year 1) but also with some frustrating lows (defense, handling of CJ/Calvin and the rest of the team in year 2, fundamentals, breaking the press, just stinking getting the ball in bounds).

I guess my fear, against what Rowdy is saying, is that it’s unconventional to upgrade a coach unless he has been really under-performing. So, unless Gott gets an offer for a bigger job (which I don’t think even the people that love him here think is coming), we will wait until we decline before looking for another coach. So, I don’t think, Rowdy, that it’s a guarantee that this job will be more appealing to a bigger name coach at that point, the point where we’ve sunk back down for the past few seasons. Again, it may not play out like that. But that is my fear with the coaching situation, especially how it looks like so many schools around us ARE getting upgrades. Time will tell.