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OK….just to clarify. RE Coach G’s Contract.

His contract runs from April 4 until April 4. Therefore, a NEW calendar starts on April 4. Therefore, if he was terminated on April 4, 2014, his buyout or payout would be 3.0 Million ($750K BASE times 4 remaining years).

His Supplemental Salary is incorrect in the contract. He got a “raise” in Sept, 2012. Here is the OFFICAL excerpt from the Dr. Yow’s Press Release dated 9/21/2012.

” “Coach Gottfried and his family have been a welcome addition to the Wolfpack Family,” said director of athletics Deborah Yow. “His competitive and recruiting success has accelerated our vision of excellence in an impressive way. With his work ethic, attention to academics and sound coaching, we believe the future is bright for men’s basketball.” Gottfried’s annual salary remains at $750,000. His supplemental compensation was increased from $450,000 to $1.2 million, which moves him from ninth to third among the 12 ACC men’s basketball head coaches in annual guaranteed compensation. The term of his contract remains unchanged through April of 2018, after having been automatically extended two years by virtue of the Pack’s Sweet 16 appearance last March.
Under Gottfried’s guidance, the Wolfpack earned its first NCAA Tournament berth since 2006 and first Sweet 16 appearance since 2005. NC State’s 24 victories were the most by a Pack squad since 1988 and nine ACC wins marked the most in league play since 2006, tying the Pack for fourth in the final conference standings. Gottfried’s win total was second only to the legendary Everett Case’s 26 victories for Wolfpack coaches in their first season. The wins and his .667 winning percentage were among the nation’s best among first-year coaches.
“I’m very thankful to the board of trustees, chancellor Woodson and Debbie Yow,” said Gottfried. “I’m very excited about the future of NC State basketball and being a part of the Wolfpack Nation ”

Gott’s record is

2012 – 24 – 13 & ACC 9 – 7
2013 – 24 – 11 & ACC 11 – 7
2014 – 22 – 14 & ACC 9 – 9
Total 70 – 38 (64.8%) & ACC 29 – 23 (55.8%) At Alabama he was
Total 210 – 131 (61.6%) & SEC 82 – 82 (50.3%)

As to “making up the REVENUE”…..if you look at the 2013/14 Ticket brochure, the “average” upper would be around $360. Therefore, you would need 2100 MORE season tickets sold.

In 2013, the average attendance was around 75% (see the link….I did the math on a calculator…not in Excel)’s_basketball_team

I can NOT get a handle on the TOTAL Season Tickets sold from the data….as I do not know if this is the “scanned” or sold tickets.

BUT, it would take a sizeable BUMP in ticket sales just to break even on Gott’s buyout. THAT is why the WPC and the AD do NOT threaten the high rollers who buy the lower levels and never bother to attend except for special games…..the ushers quietly bring down the 3rd level to the end zones to “improve” the looks of the place.

SO would a NEW coach bring in MORE fans? I do NOT know….if you look at the numbers in 2013 BEFORE we had some issues, CJ and Zo’s “draw” was NOT that great.

All this discussion of “What shoulda, coulda, woulda” seems to be off topic.

The idea of Shaka at WFU is intriguing….but bring Amaker in to coach “scholars” that can REALLY play BB so that he is in a better position to inherit Mikey’s job is something that makes a LOT of sense….and offers endless possibilities for speculation.

Archie would be a FOOL to jump this year. He needs two to three years of NCAA experience….THEN he can write his own ticket.

Remember Gott’s FIRST NCAA run at State. I was at Columbus and St. Louis and the fan spirit was as HIGH as I have ever seen it….well maybe not quite in 1974 and 1983….but it was GREAT.