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Tau, maybe the NCAA should just be like 2nd grade now and give everyone a medal for participating and not keep score. No, you are not going to become a master of defeating the press in mid season but, if you do not work on it you will not get any better at all. It was grossly plain to see that they were totally unprepared to handle a press. This should have been drilled in at the beginning of the season and then you would only need a refresher course.

If the coaching staff recognizes a weakness or in the case of the UNX game has one exposed for all the world to see, you have to find a way to address it. Because as Rick said, you are going to face those things particularly after someone sees on national television that it is a weakness for you.

Two more things. (1)I think you give too much credit/weight to Kenpom. IMO, a senior in a stable program (same coaching staff) will probably experience little improvement his final year. The coaching staff should have long ago taught him everything they could. After that it is up to the individual to put in extra work. A freshman on the other hand gains valuable game experience and improves vastly or rides the pine. (2) SL lost to the bottom feeding Bonnies in the first round of their conference tournament. They has lost 4 of 5 to end the season. They barely eked out the lone victory during that stretch against Umass. This was not a powerhouse team exuding a great amount of confidence!

The fact that there were 5 close losses this season (OT or less than 4 points in regulation) says that Gott and staff have the talent and are on the right track. But, it’s the little things that make a difference. Attention to those things are what make great teams and add up to long term success. Gott can recruit all of the top notch talent he can grab from the likes of Duke, UNX and Kentucky but, if he does not prepare them for success, he will always finish in the middle of the Pack.