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^13. While you have been watching pack bb much longer than I have, I think your statements are a little dramatic. Does our coaching staff have weaknesses? God,yes. But they can’t make kids hit free throws, you just have to make sure they practice them (which I’m almost certain gott does). Fact is college basketball is a different sport now, 15 point leads get blown all the time. It’s still gut wrenching for me that we are the only 12 seed not in the round of 32, but I would rather watch this team again and again than watch last year’s team. Our lack of defense is disheartening at times, and is by far my biggest complaint of our coaching staff. But his staff is still the best since I’ve had the pleasure (and pain) of being an avid NCSU fan (granted only since 05, so my view is somewhat limited).

I’ll love the Wolfpack win or lose, I just always prefer we win.