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^Agree about PG and floor general absence late. I think that’s still a problem for Gott. It’s the QB on the court. Nice to have two but how well does it work to shuffle?

Based on my observation, early in the year, teams saw that we struggled to shoot it from outside (prior to Turner’s insertion in lineup). Lewis didn’t make many either, but he wasn’t able to penetrate the zone. Cat was a better defender, better at beating his man or penetrating the zone, and he got more PT. But his decision making also was that of a FR and he turned it over too much. Insert Lewis, who, along with the better play of the bigs and improved shooting of Turner, helped us crack the zone.

But the basic problem against solid man-to-man teams was still evident. Lewis, imo, struggled against really good man teams. He’s a facilitator, great passer, good ball handler, but he’s susceptible to traps and pressure. When the shot clock is winding down, the better creator is Cat.