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Bloody Fourth

First time poster here. Grad from 03, had Archie in a few classes in 99. I saw an interview with him the other day, and believe me, he doesn’t sound the same as 99, he used to talk like a wanna be thug. He is well spoken now, and comes from a family of coaches. I think he is definitely up and coming, passionate, alum, and ready. I had his wife in a class, my god, Morgan is a true beauty(she ran track). If Archie can over achieve on the court coaching, like he did in landing a beautiful wife then my god, let’s hire him. Its a shame that it probably won’t work out, as yow sticks to her guns and will let it ride. I think Gott is a smooth media talker, but I don’t think he has the killer instinct that Roy or K have, hell, those guys would choke small animals to preserve a win, I just don’t see it.
Hey, 3 tourny appearances in 3 years is great, but damn, that’s not all we want.
Where was our beast Anya late in the game last night when we needed some defense and passion? On the bench.
I hope gott proves us all wrong, and wins big! But, some things must addressed.
OH yeah, there were a lot of people throwing Virginias coach under the bus earlier this year saying they’d rather have a high scoring team like ours, than a boring old defensive team like UVA. I will take defensive consistency any day over this.
I do love wolfpack sports and we will never give up hope!