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Lrm and va wolf – I think everything hasn’t been taken in context. When I talk of 1 or 2 acc tourney wins I am considering what these will do for our RPI. (I can’t speak for others.)

I actually reduced my “magic number” for us when I saw where we were on the dance card and RPI.

Our RPI is pretty good right now and if we win 7 of our next 10, the data will have us getting an at large bid. If we win 6 of 10, we still have a decent shot.

Check out dance card, right now we are #52- the last 2 years top 51 has been cutoff line… that’s how close we are at this moment.

Va wolf – interesting thoughts on seeding. I remember arguing with folks on this board last year who thought we’d get a 6 seed that our RPI didn’t indicate that would happen.