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There were MAJOR chemistry problems last year, and I’m not sure MG had many options other than to try to hold things together with duct tape and chicken wire. There were aspects of his leadership I did have a problem with (no details forthcoming), but they haven’t recurred this year. Learning experience, and he has indeed managed a more cohesive unit (plus finally a deeper rotation) this season, one that plays hard, with players who don’t hate each other. Hell, we had two guys volunteer to be KH’s crutches during the FSU game…not easy duty and wouldn’t have happened last season.

It would be easy for this young group to feel sorry for themselves and be 2-7 in the league right now. But they’ve fought through it, and are still on track for the NIT at least. That would be ok…THIS season. You won’t make the dance every single year. And that shouldn’t be the goal either – more peaks and valleys will get us closer to where we want to go (ie, the “V standard”).

If all goes according to plan, we will dance next season and be the team that nobody wants to play. Then in 2015-16…we could be truly special.