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That pretty much sums it up for me about Cam as well. I do think the front office should consider trading him. Only if you can get a good hard hitting blue liner and a prospect. DO NOT GIVE HIM AWAY for something later. We have needs now. I would assume the front office knows this but you never know for sure. The only issue I have with Khudobin is it seems he gives up a ton of rebounds, but he has kept this team in a lot of games of late. Two more weeks and then the Olympics. If they can avoid the injury bug then I think this team is developing a little bit of an attitude… in a good way.

I thought Eric Stahl was having a bad season but he has quitely gotten 35 points in the last thirty games or some stat like that I read the other night. He needs to lead this team more than ever right now. Will them to a plyoff spot.