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If you listened to the post game comments after the Syracuse game, Coach Moore understands what it means to play UNC. However, he did make a point that if you just channeled all the emotion into a “lets beat UNC”, that there could be a letdown afterwards.
He said that he was going to keep them focused on winning, regardless of who the opponent was, as he had in the past. BUT, he would certainly make them aware that is was UNC which is a big rival and he had no love for that school….

Coach Moore really seems to “get it” and he also understands HOW TO WIN. Obviously coach Harper did recruit some talent, but not the top tier. When you take some talent and mix in good coaching (utilization) and keep them focused and they play as a team that says, “we can win”, that is the secret to a great program.

As an aside, he has “officially” arrived at NCSU. Sometime right before Christmas, we ate at Amedeo’s and the Kelly Harper Booth was there. Later on, we went back and some of the booths had been renamed or rearranged. I did not inventory all of them, so maybe the KH (UGH…what ugly initials) booth is still there, but there IS a Wes Moore Booth.

GO PACK….seeing UNC BB suffer TWO losses on consecutive nights would be priceless.