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Grey… to elaborate on your point about the meaningless layup during the “Clock game” at the end… you’re right… we’re playing the clock and shooting free throws…

That said… ND was getting down the floor and to the basket with a shot in less than 10 seconds… everytime during the last two minutes…

I’ll give you one quick layup… but on average we GOTT to make them take time off the clock and we GOTT to average around 20 seconds per defensive possession when in the “Clock game”… that automatically means fewer free throws to shoot and fewer free throws required for a win. On offense, the quick easy basket, if a foul is not forthcoming, is then worth the same …. 20 secs off the clock.

For some teams…. it’s easier to play D than to hold the ball during the “Clock game” …. so you can coach/apply this formula either way… In any case, the logic/formula doesn’t change much. It’s all about those 20 seconds.

On your other point…. there may or may not be a substantive difference between “what I (the fan) think needs to be done?” and “what the team needs to do to win”…. It all depends on the BBIQ and the playing/coaching experience of the commenter and the reader… I suppose.

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