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Coach D announces his QB for next year.

IMO, a dumb move on his part, about like the attempted fake punt on 4th and 8 in his own territory early in the UNX game.

What is the upside of a statement like that? Who wants to play for coach that predeclares who the starters will be. What if he now loses the QB recruit?? Tell me Tenessee won’t be all over that DD statement.

I keep hoping DY forces him to replace his coordinators. Now is the time to do it. There is absolutely no downside to firing these two and hiring new ones. It will cost us some $$$, but that cost is small compared to the high risk of continued failure/embarassment.

IMO, this year was a total coaching embarasment. If these coaches were any good, they would have won a couple of ACC games. The coordinators have to be the worst in the conference.

Good luck, DD.