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Considering how Mike stepped in to a “bad situation” — no pun intended… and responded under fire…. there are just too many other “bad” teams in the NFL for him to sit on the sidelines…

He’s gotten every GM’s attention and he’s gonna play …. somewhere. Could be as a starter or a the backup for a couple of years while he continues to learn… either way, he’s gonna play… if he’s healthy.

And there just might be worse places and worse teams to play for than Tampa.


Glennon’s first year stats in Tampa… don’t help to end the TOB/Russell/Glennon debate — fact is — they are more fuel for the fire that will burn on for several more years.

Not that the debate matters one bit to either Russell or Mike… one of this season’s highlights was definitely the Seahawks-Bucs game in Seattle… both on the field and off.

I guess if you want to be a NFL quarterback, NC STATE has to be one of the five schools that have to be considered.

Either that or go to Charlottesville and play for ol’ TOB.


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