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Outside of the fatigue and attitude factors, it’s clear that this ain’t Cuz’s problem.

Let’s just say for discussion purposes in the absence of good numbers… that in 15 games this season, Cuz has gotten 1/3 of his points on fast breaks; 1/3 of his points on offensive rebounds/loose balls and putbacks and 1/3 of his points off set plays while averaging around 34 minutes per game.

That means that teams who are trying to shut Cuz down… might be successful on one third of our offensive possessions.

Now ya’ll can play with the numbers if you wish, but it won’t impact the obvious conclusion.

To summarize more in-depth discussion by numerous posters on the game threads and elsewhere….

“Our strategy, fundamentals, spacing and execution in the half court offense against any type of defense (man or zone) has not improved significantly ( and that might be too polite an understatement ) since the first game of the year.”

The season is basically half over (15 games and 50+ legal practices, maybe more )and we are still trying to figure way too many things out… during the games. At this point in the season, we shouldn’t even be having this conversation as most “everything” should have been a known entity before now.

In short…. Fix the half court offense and a whole lot of things will straighten themselves out.


The question was asked during last night’s game… “What do these guys do during practice?” Maybe Mr. Dog can send one of his spies over to watch for a couple of days and let us know when he returns from his self-imposed exile.

In the meantime…. I’m thinking maybe we ought to put Patrick Wallace in the starting lineup for a couple of games and see what happens…. of course, the results might depend on whether or not anybody can get the ball to him in a position where he can do something positive.

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