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As to the game, no doubt we had our chances and blew it. I am starting to believe Buckets is the type of player that is just not going to be able to get a good shot at the end of a game. He seems to have to get his points through ways other than one on one. I think Cat is going to have to be our end of game guy. That is tough for a freshman.
Vandy and Le’Nard went AWOL. Not sure why as they should have been able to score of their bigs. We need them to play better.

Lastly the refs had a lot to do with the outcome of that game. In typical NCAA fashion they have swung the pendulum too far. There is almost no way to play defense on a player that is driving. The play when their player drove to the basket like rhino, elbowed Cat in the face, took three steps and gets a foul call was absurd. And I am all for the rule changes but that is ridiculous. They did that every time. Someone said we need to adjust, how do you adjust to that? Just let them score? The better team lost.