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I like this team and look forward to watching it develop. But I don’t see this team making the NCAA tournament.

The defense, energy, and attitude is better than last season. But there just simply aren’t enough offensive threats, especially to run good zone offense.

Maybe the coaching staff can coach them up in season to improve the offense, particularly the zone offense, but I am skeptical. We don’t have enough outside shooting. The team’s 3-point field goal percentage is currently 30.48%, which is 14th in the ACC and well below our team’s average in any season within the past decade. Aside from Turner, the rest of the rotation players collectively shoot just 25.6% on three pointers. Hopefully, Lacey and the Martins will help in this area next season, but it’s hard to see a major improvement this year.

I hope I’m wrong, but it seems like a glaring weakness that will be hard to overcome against quality ACC opponents.