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Iā€™m puzzled as to why they are occurring at all.

That’s simple enough to answer… It’s what Debbie does with the head coach of all our sports at the end of the sport season.

We no longer have a Lacrosse team for the same reason we don’t have practice facilities for baseball and a diving facility for swimming — budget, i.e., money. NC State has to make some tough decisions about where to spend the money we have each year. Factor in the requirement to have equal athletic opportunities for women and we are between a rock and a hard place.

I see no point in making statements about our administration being satisfied with mediocrity. Ranking 15th in the Director’s Cup demonstrates they care. Many of us only care about men’s basketball, football and baseball. Some schools have chosen to go that way. Market analyis likely shows football is more bang for the buck for University branding, then men’s basketball, then the all the rest. As Rye stated not much return on money spent on baseball success.

Enough, enough. Greywolf, go waste your time somewhere else for a while.